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1 part broth, 1 part noodles, and 19 parts acid rain.

+ In the early stages of putting together my next eBook, which will probably be something completely different from what you think it might be. I’m trying to move this one through the pipeline as quickly as possible, so more on this coming soon.

+ Pretty excited for this Thunder-Lakers series, if only because I hate the Lakers and want to relish and savor every minute of their demise. The Thunder have their work cut out for them to get to the Finals, beating the Lakers and the Spurs is no easy task, but you’ve got to admit that a Thunder-Heat Finals series would be amazing. Not that I don’t think my Celtics can get there, but yeah…

+ Derek Webb’s online alternate reality game for his next album is pretty insane. I haven’t been following along closely, but every few days I’ll check into this post to see the progress being made. I can’t tell you how much I love Derek for putting this much thought into this, even going so far as to get his old friend (and celebrity photographer) Jeremy Cowart involved in the project as well. Well done, Derek. Excited for the new project.

+I’ve been addicted to lately. Most likely because I’ll be upgrading to the iPhone 5 when it gets announced and I may be in the market for a MacBook Pro in the next couple of months. A large majority of the rumors they post are unfounded and flat-out false, but every once in a while there are interesting nuggets about future products that just might be true.

+ If you currently lease a modem from Comcast, you should look into buying your own. I just paid $87 for this Motorola SB6121 on Amazon. I had been leasing an SB5101 from Comcast for $7/month, which comes out to $84 a year. So the new modem, which is faster, will pay for itself in a year. (affiliate link). NOTE: If you do change your modem, you have to call Comcast to do it so they can register the MAC address of your new modem. Switching it out without telling them won’t work.

+ Chalk this up in the ‘random’ file, but I thought this article about online poker and how things changed after “black friday” was pretty interesting. The story centers around Steve Gross, a 26-year old who was regarded as the best online player in the world for a few years, and how his entire world changed when the government shut down the biggest online poker sites on April 15, 2011. Worth the read.

Hope your week is fantastic! See you on the flip side.


  • LarryTheDeuce

    May 14, 2012


    Look forward to the ne eBook. I’m looking at putting one together too.

  • Alex

    May 15, 2012


    While I’m disappointed that the Nuggets didn’t pull out a Game 7 / Round 1 victory, I am super pumped that they wore the Lakers down enough for the Thunder to make easy work of them in Round 2.

  • BrenBymn

    Dec 23, 2015


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  • RafaLoarne

    Jan 03, 2016


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  • RichAccist

    Jan 03, 2016


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  • Robecita

    Jan 03, 2016


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  • WillPoolo

    Jan 03, 2016


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