Pick a Face and Go With It!

Took the kids for eye exams yesterday and had a little fun in the waiting room.

I wear glasses at work most days since I’m staring at a computer screen for 8 hours. May or may not have purchased one of these frames as a second set of glasses just for something different.

Reminded me of one of my favorite exchanges from one of my favorite Seinfeld episodes of all time.

(George tries on a pair of glasses)

GEORGE: What about these?

ELAINE: They look good. I liked the other one too. I’ve liked about five of them.

GEORGE: It’s a tough decision. I have to wear these every day. I’m deciding on a new face.

JERRY: Come on, George. Pick a face and go with it!

Also from “The Glasses”, these clips

And interestingly enough, that episode was the first Seinfeld script written by Max Pross and Tom Gammill. Season 5 has always been my favorite, and now I think I know why. They wrote 5 of the episodes that season.

Seriously, that episode is one of the greatest ever. It also features Elaine getting bit by a dog, Kramer getting Jerry the Commando 8 Air Conditioner, Kramer saying “she’s got rabies, just like my friend Bob Sacomano”*, and cousin Jeffrey being mistaken for a horse. Unbelievable funny.

*Random Note: Bob Sacomano was referenced over a dozen times in the series.

Have a great weekend!