Bachelorette Tweetfest, Ep 1

I’m sure Knox McCoy will have an amazing recap of the episode up soon. (and here it is).

But in the meantime, here’s a recap of the live-tweeting I did during last night’s episode.

Do I realize how embarrassed  I should be by the fact that I am writing a blog post highlighting my tweets regarding a show like The Bachelorette? Yes. Will it stop me from posting it? Of course not. This is me we’re talking about here.

Without the context of watching the show these might not mean anything to you, in which case you just need to start watching.

8 thoughts on “Bachelorette Tweetfest, Ep 1”

  1. My prediction for this season:

    In the biggest, most dramatical twist in the history of the Bachelorette in like ever, ever, ever, Chris Hairplugs Harrison confesses his undying love for Emily, and asks for her hand. You don’t wanna miss it!

  2. I’m thinking instead of a “LIKE” button ont hsi one, you should just put a “I’m so weird” button that we can all click.
    But I am secretely sorry I haven’t a clue what you’re talking about.

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