Monday Soup

1 part broth, 1 part noodles, and 2 liters of presidential blood.

+ I did a 5-minute spot on the Ken Coleman Show on Saturday afternoon talking about the ups and downs of chasing a dream job while having a day job. You can listen here: Ken Coleman Show Podcast (I’m in the last 5 minutes of the Feb 18 episode).

+ So apparently gas will hit $4/gallon this summer and could hit $5. For a long-distance commuter like myself, this sucks.

+ Killer Tribes is 5+ weeks away! I love getting random emails from people who are just now hearing about the conference and want to know more. Word is spreading and buzz is building in ways I didn’t anticipate! Still time for you to call an audible in March and join us for an awesome weekend. Register for Killer Tribes.

+ My friend Brandon just released a 6-track EP on bandcamp called Days at the Zoo. Friends like Brandon are so talented and so unique that I’m not really sure how to describe the music…but here’s my best attempt: If Sufjan Stevens tripped on acid and thought he was in Wonderland with Alice, then came off the trip and was feeling really mellow and wrote songs about his trip to Wonderland, it might sound something like this.

Check it out for yourself: Days at the Zoo by Que? Zoo and Dr. Skull.

+ In TV Land, The Bachelor is down to the final 3 and wow is it interesting. A terrible way to find a mate? Absolutely. Riveting TV? Absolutely….I started watching Community this past week and already have a half dozen episodes under my belt. Loving it as much as I thought I would…The Cougartown season premiere this week wasn’t that great, but New Girl continues to make me laugh. They’ve done a great job developing interesting characters on that show…also, loving my Roku. I’m this close to finally cutting the cord with DirecTV. I think.

+ In Sports Land, was surprised to hear that Ron Jaworski is leaving MNF. Was a little less surprised that CBS is going to charge money for March Madness on Demand this year. Apparently it will still be free to watch a game on the CBS website, but if you want the video player that lets you jump around between games it will run you $3.99.

+ Over 1100 of you read my blog via RSS, which is awesome. If you don’t but you’d like to add my site to your Google Reader account, here’s the feed: RSS Feed.

What’s in your Monday Soup today? let us know in the comments.

5 thoughts on “Monday Soup”

  1. Bummer on the gas prices. I also commute quite a ways. It’s criminal, really, the way they do us.

    I’ve been close to cutting the DirecTV cord myself, but still hesitant. I fear I’d miss things like being able to watch SportsCenter live and various other sports programming. ESPN3 is pretty cool, but it doesn’t show everything.

    I hadn’t heard about March Madness being a charge deal. That is depressing.

  2. Sports are still the hang up with me as far as dropping DirecTV. Mostly college football and international soccer. I can find streams for most soccr matches online, but they are sketchy, and I fear I may go to prison one day for accessing them.

  3. I feel ya on the gas price. We have been paying more than $6.75 a gallon for 3 years. It is still climbing. Paraguay just doesn’t have enough drivers or enough people who drive any distance to command a better import deal. We have a lot of diesel and LP gas vehicles but their fuel is nuts too.

  4. I’m glad you changed the Monday Soup icon. That other one always looked kind of like recycled soup (you know, like, it wasn’t the first time it’d been digested), and made me want to scroll past it as quickly as I could.

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