My DIY Disaster with Frank Fontana

If you know anything about me, you know that I am one of the most unhandy men on the planet.

Apparently word of my lack of skills is getting around, because last week I was asked to join Frank Fontana’s Down and Dirty Podcast during the DIY Disasters segment to talk about one of my past screw-ups. (You might recognize Frank from HGTV’s Design on a Dime or his work as a fixture on the Today Show.)

The segment was a lot of fun. In the end I not only received some consolation for my unhandiness, but I was challenged to take my writing skills to the stage as well.

(the video should be cued up to the right point at the 41-minute mark.)

One note about the video. I wish I would have specified that I was drilling holes in the drywall for the anchors that would hold the screws. I think I made it sound like I was trying to put a screw into the wall with the drill spinning backwards, when I was actually trying to drill a hole in the wall with it spinning backwards. I guess either way I’m a moron.

How about you? Got a quick story about a DIY disaster you were a part of?

If so, share it with us.

If not, you may use the comments section to make fun of me.