Killer Tribes Promo, Take 2

I flew down to Atlanta last month to collaborate with YouTube sensations Tripp & Tyler. Our goal was to craft the perfect promo video for Killer Tribes.

It didn’t happen.

Not even close, actually.

But hey, I didn’t spend all that money on airfare and product for Tripp’s hair for nothing. So here’s the second of our failed attempts at greatness.

The Killer Tribes Conference is happening March 31st in Nashville, TN.

Why start off your Spring disappointed that you missed out on the amazing speakers and the chance to connect with a dynamic group of attendees? Don’t miss this event!

It will be one of the highlights of your year, and registration is just $99 (and includes the Friday night meetup at one of Nashville’s coolest spots): Register for Killer Tribes now.

PS…Joseph Craven is giving away a Killer Tribes ticket at his blog today in conjunction with an interview he did with me…here’s the link: Joseph Craven interview on Killer Tribes.