Thoughts from 20 Years Ago

Through the wonder and awe of the internet (and alleged recreational drug use) I was able to search the files of my brain this morning to find the exact thoughts I was thinking twenty years ago to the day.

Two decades ago, Feb 16, 1992, was a cold Sunday morning in Swansea, MA. I was a Sophomore in High School. These are some of the random thoughts that bounced through my head that day…

“I really wish I hadn’t shaved off my rat tail last year.”

“Can’t wait to watch the Dream Team destroy in the Olympics this summer.”

“Speaking of basketball, the Lakers are retiring Magic’s jersey tonight. I’d like to take a big dump on it.”

“If only Kelly Kapowski could somehow join Kelly Taylor on 90210, my life would be complete.”

“How could anyone ever wear jeans without tight-rolling them? I know I never will.”

“This is totally gonna be the Red Sox’ year.”

“When I’m an adult there will always, and I mean ALWAYS, be at least two boxes of pop-tarts in the cabinet at all times.”

“Another Bad Creation is amazing. This group is gonna be around for a long time.”

“I’m definitely looking good in this puffy Starter jacket today.”

“I can’t wait to start driving my mom’s Reliant K-car station wagon next year!”

“I really hope there’s no¬† ‘special music’ in church today. Maybe I should pretend to be sick”

“Libraries are great, but I wish there was a computer that existed that could answer any question I have. Too bad that’s impossible.”

“Seriously, Kapowski AND Taylor on the same show? A dude can only dream.”

What about you?

Any idea what might have been running through your head 20 years ago today?