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1 part broth, 1 part noodles, and 8 parts strong coffee.

+ Today’s story that made my jaw drop: 17-year old drops after eating only McDonald’s chicken mcnuggets since age 2. Now that, my friends, redefines lazy and spineless parenting.

+ We’ve got a new confirmed speaker for Killer Tribes: Tamara Lunardo!

Tamara is a freelance editor and the author of the blog TamaraOutLoud, where she shares her candid thoughts on life and faith, occasionally with adult language, frequently with attempted humor, and hopefully with God’s blessing. She recently parlayed one of her most widely read posts into a community collection of essays which she is in the process of editing; What a Woman is Worth is due out through Civitas Press this summer.

She’ll be at Killer Tribes on March 31st to talk about the power of a tribe from her unique perspective. Register now for $99 and be a part of what is shaping up to be an awesome weekend in Nashville.

+ My highlights from the Grammys last night: Bruno Mars was fantastic, enjoyed the short Rihanna/Chris Martin acoustic version of Princess in China, liked Taylor Swift’s performance and LOVED that she had her friends – The Civil Wars – open for her with 60 seconds of awesome. That’s called Sharing Your Platform 101, folks. Loved hearing Adele perform but really loved hearing her talk. Such a thick british accent…and it cracked me up when she said she had “snot” from crying. Also props to Katy Perry and Adam Levine of Marron 5 for ripping their in-ear monitors out of their ears mid-song. I love when rock stars do that. Finally, who knew that Bon Iver was a dude that works in your IT department?

+ My lowlights from the Grammys last night: As much as I enjoyed Paul McCartney’s closing guitarfest, I wasn’t really into his earlier “Valentine” song. He’s a genius, of that I’m sure, but it made me tired. Speaking of, I’m tired of Lady Antebellum dude’s beard and chest hair…enough already. Nikki Minaj is talented and fun to listen to, but the whole exorcism thing was a little much for me. Same for Lady Gaga’s face netting. At this point the only thing Gaga could do to shock me would to wear something from the Gap. And while the Beach Boys reunion was pretty cool, what was up with their piano player? I couldn’t tell if he was nervous or just annoyed that he was there. He looked as engaged as a stoner in a school assembly.

+ Did you share your best Valentine’s Day fail on my blog last week? Still time to do so, maybe win a free book, and at the very least make us laugh. Share your FAIL (and read others’ fails) here.

What else is in your Monday Soup today? let us know in the comments.


  • Kevin Haggerty

    Feb 13, 2012


    Nikki Minaj was also a lowlight for me. I’m not easily offended, but it was too much for me. I didn’t feel like the crowd responded well either.

    I was bummed The Civil Wars didn’t get more time. Oh well. It’s a start.

    My highlight was Dave Grohl’s acceptance speech that basically said “shame on you” to the “computerized” music industry.

  • Tamara Lunardo

    Feb 13, 2012


    I let my kids eat chicken nuggets and I didn’t watch the Grammys. I do, however, enjoy soup from time to time. May I please still come speak to the Killer Tribes?

  • Stephen Uchacz

    Feb 13, 2012


    I did not watch much of the Grammys, but what I did see was pretty good! Taylor Swift and Adele, always top notch!

    Thanks for another great post! I always enjoy popping by to see what is new on the blog!

  • LarryTheDeuce

    Feb 13, 2012


    I loved the fact that Adele just does what she does. She just stood up there and sang her song. That’s talent.

    The lowlight was Nikki Minaj because I’m not sure what is up with that whole performance and I don’t know why she wants to be British so badly she speaks in a fake British accent.

    Another lowlight was all of the hate for Taylor Swift on Twitter and Facebook. You sell out a bazlillion shows and sell a bazillion concerts and people hate you and have to share their hate? Her only crime is that she hit it big when she was young. What would all of these folks do with Tanya Tucker back in 1972?

  • randomlychad

    Feb 14, 2012


    Didn’t catch the Grammy’s, but I did take my wife to see The Vow. Then I got my kids Taco Bell. Maybe not in that order. I forget–that movie still has me all emotionally discombobulated. Do they make Immodium for movies?

  • WillGordam

    Dec 21, 2015


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  • BrenBymn

    Jan 04, 2016


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  • EdwaAmarp

    Jan 05, 2016


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  • Vinckeenny

    Jan 06, 2016


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  • Michdrore

    Jan 07, 2016


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  • RafaLoarne

    Jan 07, 2016


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  • Josebroany

    Jan 07, 2016


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