Sons of Grace and Valentine’s Day

Thanks to those of you who shared your V-Day bombs!

Here’s the 3 I chose to receive Mark Hughes’ new book Sons of Grace:

Jeremy, Arny, and Tim Snyder

The 3 of you can email me your address and I’ll send out the book.

Why did I want to give this book out on Valentine’s Day?

Because one of the best gifts you can give to the one you love is being a better person.

I’ll let author Mark Hughes tell you in his own words:

After my first book, Buzzmarketing, became an international bestseller, I thought I had all the answers. I became a sought-after business speaker, was featured in USA Today, and had Fast Company magazine and the Financial Times of London put it in the top ten business books for the year along with Freakonomics.

I showered my wife with gifts, yet almost got divorced. Because, quite frankly, I was a heel.

But strangely enough, Pastors started using my book to help get people into the church, and eventually God led me from a life of self-centered greed to center my life on Him. Along the way, God taught me that leadership in the real world needs to be balanced with leadership in the home, and that starts by putting God first in all aspects of your life.

Sounds easy, right? Well it’s not when we try to change who we’ve become at home. These are serious changes and transition points in our lives, but laughing at ourselves can be set us free. So as we try to improve (and often stumble), here are the Top Ten Ways to Get it Right on perhaps the most important day of the year for women (and men if we get it wrong):

1- Be honest – Get yourself elected to political office and refrain from having an affair (apparently that’s hard to do these days).
2- Be healthy in body and mind – Cook a romantic dinner not involving Ramen, barbecue sauce, or beef jerky (and do the dishes).
3- Think about her perspective – Watch a movie with more crying than explosions.
4- Make time for her – Don’t check your phone while out at dinner
5- Be more supportive – Ask her about her day and actually listen without trying to solve her problems before she’s done explaining them!
6- Be spontaneous – Plan a surprise which doesn’t include a halftime show, power tools, or a TV remote.
7- Be dependable – Place dirty underwear into the hamper instead of right next to it
8- Be the one to fix the problem, not make it – Read Sons of Grace!
9- Flowers, silly!
10- In Japan, men receive more Valentine’s gifts than women. Consider moving to Japan if you can’t commit to being a better man: repeat #8 above.

My latest book Sons of Grace tells the stories of ten tough men (including me) that went from lives of crime, murder, drugs and excess to peace and happiness in God. They resisted Him and were men that church gave up on—but God didn’t, and now their hearts are on fire for the Lord.

God eventually saved my marriage and family–if He can change a self-centered, self-absorbed jerk like me (as well as murderers and former mafia associates in the book), who knows what change can occur in the lives surrounding you?

Let’s make change.

So yeah, this book is filled with 10 unbelievable true stories of guys who were screwing things up royally, each in their own way. The stories are captivating, the language is raw and real, and the result is a moving book that really makes you want more of God’s grace to be a better man (or woman).

Want to download the book for free, you can here: Free Download of Sons of Grace. All Mark asks for in return is a retweet letting people know about the book.

You can also pick up Sons of Grace on Amazon for $2.99 on Kindle and $7.99 in paperback.

Hope you all have a great Valentine’s Day!