Your Valentine FAILS

You’ve been trying not to think about it, but you know you can’t avoid it.

Valentine’s Day is next week! Woop-de-freaking-doo.

Yes, it is a ridiculous holiday created to make us spend our money and embarrass us by exposing our gift-giving ability. Yes, it is the one day a year that keeps Hallmark profitable. Yes, it is a drag for those who aren’t with someone. I get all that.

So why isn’t it a total waste?

Because it also gives us great stories of Valentine’s Days gone awry.

I’m so interested in hearing about your terrible Valentine’s Day experiences that I’m giving away a few copies of Mark Hughes’ book Sons of Grace next week to a few of you with the worst stories of the bunch. (Mark’s speaking at Killer Tribes in March…I’ll explain the tie in with his book next week.)

So let’s hear em!

Maybe it was something tragic that happened in grade school? Maybe it was a junior high kiss attempt that fell flat? Perhaps you got dumped in high school or college on February 14th? Or maybe it’s been your single or married life as an adult that’s given you your worst Valentine’s Day moment?

Share yours in the comments. I’ll go first.