Monday Soup

1 part broth, 1 part noodles, and a gallon of buffalo chicken cheese dip.

+ Will be 52 degrees here in PA on Monday and Tuesday. The warm winter continues. I couldn’t be happier.

+ Look for the debut of my first Killer Tribes Conference promo video later in the week. I’ve seen rough cuts of a couple of them and they make me smile.

+ We’ve got a new confirmed speaker for Killer Tribes: Carlos Whittaker!

You may have seen Carlos getting a tat on L.A. Ink, accepting a People’s Choice Award for favorite viral video, or as a talking head on Headline News. Few people have built up a tribe of loyal followers on the force of their personality quite like Carlos has. These days he’s a touring musician with a record on Integrity Music, a blogger at, and a creative coach.

He’ll be at Killer Tribes on March 31st to talk about how he’s built his tribe. Register now for $99 and be a part of what is shaping up to be an awesome weekend in Nashville.

+ Super Bowl was very entertaining. I was cheering for the Patriots so the end was disappointing, but here are the 5 things I’ll remember most about the game.

1. Wes Welker dropping that pass with 4 minutes left was a dagger. Not the easiest catch in the world because his body seemed turned around, but he makes tough catches like it’s his job. (Note: it is his job.) As soon as it happened I thought of Asante Samuels dropped interception from Super Bowl 42, and I had a bad feeling the game would end the same way.

2. The Giants got very lucky on 3 fumbles. They recovered two of their own fumbles, and the one that the Patriots recovered didn’t count because they had 12 men on the field.

3. The Patriots got 2 lucky officiating breaks. The non-call on the pass interference in the 4th quarter was highly questionable. And the holding penalty against the Giants that brought back the big 3rd down conversion run was a tough one considering there were only 9 holding calls in the entire postseason going into that game.

4. Madonna was brilliant to not try and carry the halftime show by herself. I think it’s a formula that every future halftime artist should follow. My favorite part? When Erica told the kids, “Madonna is the same age as Nana,” and Parker said, “she’s a lot more active than Nana.”

5. Being a sports fan is such a funny thing. I was over the loss 10 minutes later because I’m only a marginal Pats fan. But had it been the Red Sox, I’d be in a funk for a couple days. I wish it wasn’t so, but our emotions get tied into these teams in the strangest way. Whether it’s allegiance to a school we went to for college or the pro team where we grew up, the performance of a bunch of athletes wearing our colors can produce such high highs and low lows. As long as we keep proper perspective it certainly makes life interesting (but that really deserves its own post.)

+ Can’t say I had a favorite commercial. The Skechers bulldog one was pretty funny, but the Mark Cuban cameo at the end of it kind of ruined it for me. What was yours?

Did you enjoy the game? The commercials? The fact that it’s over?  let us know in the comments.