A Little More About You and the Super Bowl

What will you be doing come 6:30pm EST on Sunday? Chances are you’ll be watching a football game between two teams you don’t like with a bunch of other people.

Despite only being 46 years old, that’s how popular the Super Bowl has become.

Speaking of which…

A Little More About You

1. Have you ever bet on a football game? (I’m not talking about dropping $20 for fantasy football or a picks pool or a Super Bowl squares game, I’m talking about filling out a parlay card or betting online or in Vegas or with a local bookie.)

2. If you could replace Madonna with another halftime show this year, who would be your ideal musician/band?

3. If you could guarantee the presence of one snack/food at a Super Bowl party you were attending, what would it be?

BONUS: Give us your predicted score between the Giants and Pats.

Share your answers in the comments…and whether you’re watching alone, with a friend, or not at all, have a great weekend!