Homes For Hope Video

When Hope International wanted someone good-looking for a new video, they called me.

“Do you know any good-looking people?” they asked.

“My blog readers,” I told them. “The guys are hot and the women are all gorgeous.”

“Well, see if any of them want to help us with our next shoot.”

“I’ll ask them,” I lied.

I never asked you. And when they found out at the last minute I was their only option, they had no choice but to go with with it.

“Just wear a collared shirt and khakis,” they instructed.

“I hate khakis, not wearing them.”

“Fine, we’ll go with the other hack we asked to do this.”

“I mean, I love khakis! Let’s do this!”

Khaki pants asideĀ  – seriously, how is it possible for me to hate a style of pants this much – I love what this non-profit does, and I was so happy to work with them.

I make a few cameos throughout the piece so check it out!

Homes for Hope from Disciple Media on Vimeo.

To learn more about the Homes For Hope Program, visit

(and next time I’ll pass along the casting call…so be ready!)