Monday Soup

1 part broth, 1 part noodles, and infinity parts nonsense.

Monday Soup

+ The Catalyst Conference is next week! Can’t believe it’s already here. Heading down to Atlanta to connect with friends and be inspired by an amazing two days is one of the highlights of my year. Hope to meet some of you there!

+ If you’re a LOST fan and you have an extra couple of hours this week, you need to check out the Kevin Pollak Chat Show interview with Damon Lindelof, former LOST showrunner/executive producer. 2.5 hours of fascinating LOST talk (and other topics as well) including a detailed retelling of how the show was conceived and brought to life.

+ I tried to stay up for the end of the Red Sox game last night, but I couldn’t do it. The game went 14 innings, the last 4 of which I tried to listen to on my phone in bed. I turned it off in the 13th and one inning later Jacoby Ellsbury hit his 31st jack of the year to put the Sox in front for good. Will be a fascinating end to the season these last 3 days.

+ The Bloggers Meetup in Atlanta on October 5th is going to be more fun than watching an old building implode in High Definition. I wrote about 10 Reasons you should go to the Meetup for the Catalyst Blog today: 10 Reasons to go to the Catalyst Bloggers Meetup.

+ Only a few days left to take advantage of the $5 deals Amazon has right now on some amazing CDs. Mumford & Sons, Counting Crows, Regina Spektor, Coldplay, and 96 more. Prices only good through September, so check them out now. (Amazon affiliate link)

+ Question: If I was going to write another book, and you had a say in what that book was, what book would you want me to write? I’ve got a couple ideas brewing – all of them humor-related and none of them blogging-related – and am curious if any of my ideas line up with something you all might want to read.

For those of you who really like my writing, fill in the blank: I’d love it if your next book was about _______________.

For the rest of you, what’s in your Monday Soup today?