From the Pages of Tiger Beat. Or Not.

My buddy Nate recently uploaded some early 90s VHS footage onto the Tube of Yous.

This amazing screencap of yours truly comes from a 5-minute lip sync video that should be used as a torture device by Jack Bauer in the inevitable 24 movie. It’s painful for me to sit through the whole thing and I’m in it.

You can click the picture to watch the 7 of usĀ  (from left to right it’s my brother Josh, Nate, me, Seth, Jenny, Jen, and Becky), but I’m warning you right now that you won’t get that 4 minutes and 42 seconds of your life back.

On a related note, I never made it onto Tiger Beat’s Top 100 Teenage Heartthrob List in the early 90s. Hard to believe, I know.

Have a great weekend…I’ll spend mine wishing I still owned those shades.