The Power of Perspective

Believe it or not, I took these pictures within a minute of each other this past week.

In the first one I’m standing at the mailbox facing the tree in the NE direction.

In the second I’m standing near the tree facing the mailbox in the SW direction.

I snapped these photos as I was cutting the grass because I realized that the same section of my lawn looked completely different depending on the angle I was viewing it from.

With the sun at my back the lawn looked amazing. I could see the patterns from the last few times I had mowed and I couldn’t really see the clumps of cut grass I was leaving behind.

But when I turned and faced the sun suddenly the geometric beauty of the lawn disappeared. Not only that, I could see clumps of dead grass everywhere.

The same section of grass looked completely different depending on how I viewed it.

Not sure if/how this applies to you, but just something to remember this week.

Before you count a situation as awful or hopeless or doomed or too much of a mess, just remember that it might not be the situation that’s the problem.

It might just be your perspective.

13 thoughts on “The Power of Perspective”

  1. It’s all about the Point of View…

    “You’re going to find that truths that we cling to greatly depend on our own point of view” – obi-wan kenobi…

  2. Great words at the end of the post Bryan. I just blogged about perspective yesterday and the fact that often the way we perceive things is only 10% reality, it’s how we fill in the remainder of the 90%.

  3. God rewards us when we keep the proper perspective in place. Optimism and a focus on Him will keep you in good shape under any circumstance. It is an active mindset that allows God to work in your favor instead of God waiting for us to catch up to what He wants for our lives.

  4. I knew it: the grass IS greener on the other side.

    I got a healthy dose of perspective yesterday. Two of the Chilean miners who were rescued last year addressed students at my school. Wow. They were gracious and grateful. And changed.

  5. I love this, Bryan! I just watched Soul Surfer last week for the first time…and this message came through loud and clear in this story. Also, as I enter a very new phase of my life…running…I can already see a shift in perspective on life. All it takes is just a few adjustments…and bam! A whole fresh outlook. Thank you for this reminder!

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