The Churdles Video Series

I’ve been working with my friend Chris Dearolf at Disciple Media on a new series called Churdles, and we’re happy to have out first video online for purchase!

The idea behind Churdles is to look at the lighter side of the some of the hurdles we face in church. The first video is called Media Looks, and it’s all about how to handle the person in the congregation who likes to give the stink-eye to the multimedia operator.

Can’t see the video in your feed reader? Click here.

If you’re a pastor or you’re part of a leadership team at a church that runs videos like this, check us out at WorshipHouseMedia where you can purchase the video.

We’ve got more Churdles videos in the works, but we’d love to hear your ideas.

What are some church hurdles we face that might be fun to poke fun of in a video like this?

Best idea wins a pat on the back with a spiky club made of molten lava.