Give Props to a Friend Day

Most of us know some really cool people doing amazing things, and I thought it would be cool today to give those friends some love.

So here’s what we’re going to do:

1. Leave a comment with some props for a friend. Here’s an example:

“I’m giving props today to my friend Erica for doing an amazing job getting certified as a fitness instructor and leading her first trial class last night! (and also for being the best wife ever).”

2. Tell that friend about this blog post so they can come and read what you wrote about them on a public forum. Who doesn’t love getting some love from a friend in front of other people?

3. Post this link (or something similar) to your Twitter, Facebook, or Google+ accounts so that more people can read about your friend and so they can leave their own props.

I just gave some love to a friend for Give Props to a Friend Day.  Come brag about one of your friends. #GPFDay


I love the thought of this blog being a conduit for encouragement, so talk up one of your friends for being awesome.

Ready? Go.