My Face in Strange Places

I found my face in three places it’s never been before this week.

#1 – On a Conference Speaker Page

I’m so excited to be a Breakout Speaker at the Echo Conference this year!

I’m doing a breakout session on blogging that will change lives and heal sick people. Okay, it won’t be that good. But I can’t wait to be a part of such a cool event. Please please please tell me that some of you are going to be there. (best rates end today, btw)

#2 -In a Where’s Waldo Drawing

Because…well, I don’t have a good reason. Photoshop abuse, for the win!

See if you can find my face. Also, if you stare at the picture long enough you can see a 3-D eagle tearing apart a lion while riding a skateboard. Maybe.

#3 – On a Commissioned Drawing

The uber-talented Wes Molebash drew this Boulevard of Broken Dreams picture by request.

From left to right is Wes, Tyler Stanton, Me, and Jon Acuff.

Why someone wanted him to draw this isn’t important. What is important is that you write a caption making fun of me. So have at it.