The Official Make Your Goal List for May 2011

Last week we declared May 2011 to be Make your Goal May here at and many of you submitted your fitness/health goals for the month.

This list will serve as your accountability as we’ll be revisiting it at the end of May and probably a few times between now and then.

Here’s the list of all of your goals after the jump:

Weight Loss

Bryan Allain – Lose 8 pounds

Sharideth Smith – Lose 12 pounds

Chad Jones – Will lose 10 pounds in May

Annie Schrader – Will lose 6 pounds in May

Rissa – Will lose 7 pounds in May

Janet Oberholtzer – Will lose 6 pounds in May

Mike Rice – Will lose 15 pounds in May

Lisa Jones – Lose 5 pounds in May

Norm Tumlinson – Lose 7 pounds in May

Ben Read – Lose 10 pounds

Dave – lose 6 inches off his belly

Weight Loss + Exercise

Kit Palmer – Run 14 miles per week and lose 7 pounds

Jon Giunta – Will lose 5 pounds and exercise 3 times per week

Jon Alford – Run 3 days a week and lose 10 pounds

Kristin Fournier – lose 10 pounds by walking at least 4x week and running 3x week

Muscle Gain

Larry K – Will gain 15 lbs. of muscle

Hank Garner – Run 100 miles in May and add 5 lbs. of Muscle


Joe Robinson – Run 30 miles in May

Melanie – Will Exercise for 40 minutes at least 4 times per week

Charlie Chang – Will Run at least 3 times a week.

Shawn Smucker – Will run 3 times a week in May.

April – 30 minutes on the gym’s elliptical machine at least twice a week

JBen – Will run 4 times a week

Cathy – Will do the 30 day shred and follow the book “Making The Cut”

Neil Schori – 3 days a week of Bob Harper’s videos + 2 days a week at the gym

Caleb Canal – Will run a Marathon in May

Paul Robinson – Run a half marathon

Andi Cumbo – An hour of exercise a day in May

Allison – work out at least 3 times a week

Kim S. – Running 2 miles twice a week by the end of May

Howard – Ride bike at least 30 miles a week

Adam Hann – P90X in the whole month of May with no breaks

Crosscribe – begin and stick with the Couch to 5K program + strength training program


Matt Riggins – Will hit .500 with 3 HRs in May.

Mike Andrews – Will drink less than 10 bottles of Mt. Dew in May

If you’re on the list, tweet it out or share it on Facebook so your friends and family know about it!

The more accountability, the better.

Let’s Do This!