Dream Year Weekend Retreat in D.C.

Hey you!

Yeah you, the person who needs a swift kick in the pants. (And your buddy next to you who needs to shake things up a bit and take some chances.) I’m talking to you both.

Got a dream that you’ve been sitting on like a deflated whoopie cushion? Got a passion that may or may not make a good business idea? Wish someone had a blueprint for turning your dream into a reality without your life turning into a nightmare?

If there’s even a small chance that you fall into one of those categories, you need to at least check out the Dream Year Weekend Retreat page.

Yeah, I know there’s 100 excuses why it won’t work for you. You don’t want to travel, you don’t want to burn the vacation days, you’re not sure that investing a couple hundred bucks in your dream makes sense, you think that Ben Arment is actually a robot created by Saddleback Church to take over the world. I get it.

But maybe just for a second forget about the reasons why not and think about the reasons why.

Think about the dream(s) you have and how much they really matter to you. Think about what could be. Think about what it’s gonna take for you to act on them someday.

Maybe this is it?

At the very least, check it out: Dream Year Weekend Retreat, June 3-5, Washington DC. Because honestly, if YOU don’t take a risk on your dream, it’s not gonna happen. No one is going to do it for you.


PS…Earlier this year I wrote about the 7 reasons you should go to Dream Year Weekend after attending DY/Nashville.

PPS…if you have info on the Ben Arment Robot Theory, shoot me an email with “BART” in the subject. And if I die before this blog post goes live, you know why. I may already know too much…