The Weekend in Boston Awards

Spent this past weekend up in Massachusetts visiting my family and taking in the home opener at Fenway Park.

Had such a great time that it feels necessary to hand out awards.

Best Cup of Clam Chowder

The Barking Crab on Sleeper Street in Downtown Boston.

So good that I almost forgot to get a picture.

Best Out of Town Guest

Got to hang out with Chad Gibbs and his dad, who came up from Alabama for a book he’s working on.

Best Breakfast Sandwich

Sausage, egg, & cheddar on an everything bagel w/ sundried tomato cream cheese at Bagel Rising in Allston.

My brother Jordan works there and hooked me up. Great way to spend 3 hours on a Friday morning.

Best New Addition to the Family

My nephew, Trey Jackson Eaton.

First time I had seen him since he was a week old, and as you would expect, he loved his Uncle Bryan.

Best Visit to a Shrine

The Fenway Park home opener was fantastic.

Lots of optimism in the air despite the team’s 0-6 start…and the park was gorgeous as usual.

And the Sox beat the Yankees 9-6, so all was right in the world.


Visiting my grandparents’ house the next day.

They’ve lived there my entire life, so tons of memories. Great to see all 3 of my grandparents.

Second Runner-Up:

Visiting the house I grew up in on Nash Rd. in New Bedford.

Could not believe how small the backyard was. In my memories it is 4 times bigger at least.

Best Piece of Pizza

My favorite of all time from Pa Raffa’s in New Bedford. So thin, so good.

(Not everyone likes it. My friend Matt once hatefully called it “cardboard covered in ketchup”)

These slices are topped with linguiƧa, a Portuguese sausage.

I had 7 slices.

Best Conversation with Someone Marginally Famous

As we were waiting to get on an elevator I realized I was standing next to ESPN’s Buster Olney.

I introduced myself and he asked me how I was feeling about the team’s slow start, which was nice of him.

If you can judge someone from a 3-minute convo, he seems like a good dude.

Best Celebrity Sighting

Tough to see here, but all the buzz in our section was that this lady (in background) was nearby.

I felt a little bad snapping this pic, but hey, I needed it for the blog.

Yes, it’s Cameron Diaz, A-Rod’s girlfriend.

She walked two feet by me moments before the last out and I made eye contact with her…

…and then immediately felt bad for looking at her just because of who she is.

(Chad did the same thing and felt the same way.)

Then some moron ran up to her and shook her hand and we both felt a little better.

It was a great weekend!

Thanks to Chad and his dad for dinner and the Sox ticket and thanks to Buster Olney for saying “hi”.

Thanks to my parents for hosting us and to Jordan for the meal on Friday night.

and thanks for nothing Cameron Diaz, for ruining the Red Sox-Yankees chapter of Chad’s Book,

which will now probably be all about you.