5 Famous People I Wouldn't Want in My Kitchen: A Guest Post from Annie Schrader

Today’s guest post is from my friend Annie Schrader. She lives in Oregon and writes a fun blog about baking, love, and the little things in life.

5 Famous People I Wouldn’t Want in my Kitchen

If there’s one thing about my personality that I am wildly unashamed about, it’s that I’m starstruck.

I saw Gwen Stefani driving in Pasadena one day, ran into Luis Guzman at Universal Studios, saw Daniel Dae Kim walking with his family in downtown Bend, Oregon, and chatted up Matthew Fox on New Year’s Eve 2009.

I get excited, I stare, and I wish, hope and pray that I have enough nerve to talk to them. The popularity of a certain celebrity truly makes no difference to me. It’s more the idea that I was in the same vicinity of somebody with notoriety. Pathetic? Probably. But my love of celebrities far outweighs my fear of appearing pathetic.

The funny thing is, I’d love to meet ANY celebrity out in public. But having a celebrity in my home? That’s a little different. Especially if they were coming into my kitchen. This whole train of thought got me thinking about which celebrities I would least want in my kitchen, and here’s my Top 5.

The Top 5 Famous People I Wouldn’t Want in my Kitchen

1. Julia Childs’ ghost – The thought of having somebody that talented watching over my meager attempt at baking an Apple Tarte Tatin is enough to make me feel like I’m back in my freshman biology class, awkwardly giving my oral report on herpes. Not to mention that…she’s a ghost!

2. Kanye West – While I could somewhat appreciate the confidence he would bring to the kitchen, I wouldn’t be able to handle the interruption of him telling me that Martha Stewart makes a better creme brulee than me.

3. Ryan Seacrest – A constant emcee while making a Tiramisu would make me feel like I had my own baking show, I guess. But what a let down if I didn’t receive a yellow ticket at the end announcing his approval.

4. Gary Busey – The size of his mouth alone intimidates me. He would most likely nervously pace through my kitchen with his crazy hair looking for a teaspoon, while rambling on about how America should be using the metric system.

5. Oprah Winfrey – “Looks like we’re gonna make some CUUUUUUUUP CAAAAAAAAAAKES!” Need I say more?

(That being said, if Quentin Tarantino, Kevin Bacon, Kate Middleton, Dennis Quaid, or Jessica Simpson showed up in my kitchen, I would be ever so delighted to bake up something sweet with them by my side.)

How about you?

Who’s the one celebrity you wouldn’t want stepping foot in your kitchen, and why?

Leave a comment and then go check out Annie’s blog, A Spoonful of Sugar, to see the amazing things she makes in her kitchen and her fun takes on everything else.