Failure IS an option

Read these quotes online yesterday from the TED talk James Cameron gave last March.

“Failure has to be an option, in art and in exploration.  Because it’s a leap of faith.  And no important endeavor that required innovation was done without risk.  You have to be willing to take those risks.”

“Failure IS an option, but fear is not.”

What do you have going on right now that has the chance to fail spectacularly?

If there answer is “nothing”, that’s okay. You might just be in a season where you’re not into taking big risks.

But be honest with yourself, and make sure that a past failure hasn’t put you into a permanent rut of not taking any risks out of fear.

Mark Batterson likes to challenge people to dream dreams that are so big, if God doesn’t show up they are doomed to fail. That thought scares me sometimes because it puts my faith to the test. Do I really believe that God is involved in our lives on that personal of a level? I say I do, but does the way I’m living actually reflect that? Does the way I’m praying actually reflect that?

In the end, I think a season of not taking any risks is okay.

But a lifetime of not taking any risks? That not only sounds boring, but it sounds like a life where faith isn’t really needed.

I think James Cameron is right: Failure IS an option…fear is not.

Let that change the way you live today, because who knows how many more “todays” you have.