The Real Story Behind The Picture, Pt 2

On Tuesday I asked you to come up with goofy stories/captions for 3 of my photos.

Here’s my favorite reader submitted story for picture #2, along with the real story.

Picture #2

My favorite Reader Story, from Stephanie Kandray:

“Terrorist Abdullah Raheem Muhammed held a Red Sox staffer hostage in front of thousands of fans at the game yesterday. The fans didn’t seem to mind as long as the game went on. Muhammed acquired a World Series Ring, left shoe (size 10 1/2) and 2nd shirt button (which he said was a placed a little too high) before escaping onto the field where he eventually was captured when the mascot drop-kicked him into an unconscious state.”

The Real Story:

Ever have one of those, “that should have been me” moments?

You’re looking at mine.

The Red Sox came to Philly for a 3-game series in June of 2005 and a friend of mine offered me tickets that I couldn’t take because we were already committed to helping out with a Youth event (also in Philly, strangely enough).

I’ll admit I was slightly annoyed the entire evening, knowing I could have been a few miles away at the game. But it wasn’t until I got a text midway through the night that my attitude went from “meh” to “argg!”

That’s my buddy Nate in the picture, we grew up together in Massachusetts and he now lives in Lancaster County, PA too. He was the one who took the tickets when I couldn’t go.

Next to him is Larry Lucchino, the CEO and President of the Boston Red Sox, who just happened to be sitting next to Nate at the game.

On Nate’s finger is Larry’s 2004 World Series ring, which Larry offered to let Nate wear when Nate asked for a quick picture.

Was I happy for him? Absolutely. But every time I see this picture all I can think of is “wow, why is Ortiz playing 1B? Oh yeah, because there’s no DH in NL parks.”

And then I think, “Crap. That could have been me.”

What about you? Have a good “that could have been me” story?

If so, share it in the comments.