The Real Story Behind the Picture, Pt 3

On Tuesday I asked you to come up with goofy stories/captions for 3 of my photos.

This was my favorite story for picture #3, along with the real story behind the picture.

Picture #3

My favorite reader story, from David T Robbins:

While filming Jurassic Park 4: Guantanamo Bay, Bryan Allain and his friends discovered that the dinosaurs whom they were filming were not robotic at all…they were as real as you and me. This picture was taken just before everyone in it was attacked and brutally tickled to death (especially the guy on the far right making the face and arm motions) by Raptors. Everyone except Bryan Allain. If you mention it to him today, he goes into shock and begins reciting the entire dialogue to Footloose and Home Alone 3. After this, he will sit in his bathtub wearing only a tuxedo t-shirt and wetsuit bottoms for 7 days. He also eats cottage cheese and drinks sugar water.

The Real Story:

This photo was taken when I went to Ecuador with Caedmon’s Call in 2004.

The subject of the picture, as you can see here, is Danielle Young.

The photographer is David Dobson.

The flash holder is none other than Spence Smith.

The extra lens holder is yours truly.

And the idiot dancing behind me? Andrew Osenga, of course.

Technically, he wasn’t “dancing”. He was actually stealth disco-ing. It was a popular meme back then, to dance behind someone in a picture without them knowing it you were doing it.

I don’t remember who put him up to it (probably Geof and the rest of the crew), but it makes me laugh every time I see it.

have a great weekend, everyone!

PS… If you’ve never read my account of that trip to Ecuador before, check it out here. Such a fun trip.