The Real Story Behind the Picture, Part 1

Yesterday I asked you to come up with goofy stories/captions for 3 of my photos.

Here was my favorite submission for the first photo, along with the real story.

Picture #1

Favorite Reader Submitted Story, from Sharideth Smith:

“bryan throws a costume party to try and float the idea of a soul patch.”

The Real Story:

You see the look on Big Daddy’s face? (go ahead, look at it again.)

That’s the look of a youth pastor who is trying to convince his kids that everything is fine even though everyone knows it’s not.

Yes, taking his leadership team to a role-playing mystery dinner sounded like a great idea.

Unfortunately, no one told him that the script for the evening was PG-17.

Right after pink boa lady rubbed my shoulders, she partially stuffed fake money into her bra and asked one of the 15-year old boys pull it out. (He gladly obliged, of course, because she happened to pick the one kid out of all of them who had no qualms about such matters.)

At that point the actors were informed, for the 3rd time, that we were a church group comprised mostly of teenagers, and that they needed to tone it way down.


I don’t remember whodunit, but I’ll never forget the prolonged agony and that look on Pastor Buddy’s face. We still laugh about it to this day.

In the words of GOB Bluth, “I’ve made a huge mistake.”

if you’ve got any good, awkward, youth group stories, please share the wealth in the comments.