The Story Behind the Pictures

Okay, here’s how this is gonna work.

I’m gonna share 3 pictures with you that I found buried deep with the recesses of my hard drive yesterday. Your job is to provide the best caption or back story for them (and by back story I mean a quick 1 to 3 line caption, you don’t need to write a book…unless you want to).

Then tomorrow I’ll share the real stories behind the pictures (which range from the disappointing to the incredibly awkward) AND I’ll share the best reader-submitted story for each picture.

Here’s the 3 pictures:

Picture #1

(yes, that’s me on the left.)

Picture #2

(I am not in this picture. Your job is to explain why.)

Picture #3

So there’s your 3 photos.

Choose 1 or all 3, but let’s see who can come up with the most amusing caption/story for each one.

Best ones get love on the blog tomorrow.

What’s the story behind these pictures?