Remember When?

Hey look, there’s memory lane! Let’s stroll down it.


Remember when…you bought a music CD and opened it up hoping there would be lyrics inside. But then you didn’t open it right and you cracked those grippy teeth that held the CD in. And then there weren’t any lyrics and you were annoyed because Al Gore hadn’t invented the internet for song lyrics yet. (1)

Remember when…you cared about Who Wants to Be a Millionaire? It was appointment viewing at one point. And let’s talk about the 50/50 Lifeline for a second. Did the computer REALLY remove two options at random? Or was it some dude in the production van getting rid of the two answers the contestant had already ruled out while talking to himself? That was always the fishiest part of the show. Well, that AND Regis’ same-color-shirt-and-tie gimmick, which I copied with marginal success for years. (2)

Remember when…you had dial-up and you’d cross your fingers when getting online that you’d get  56K instead of 28K? And if you got stuck with 28K, you had that tough decision. Do I take 3 minutes to reconnect and risk getting an even lower 14K, or do I just stick with the 28K? (3)

Remember when…people spent a lot of money crafting jingles for commercials? Boy did that well dry up. I blame Jesse Katsopolis. (4)

Remember when…you really wanted to be better at minesweeper? You had genuine aspirations to get those right clicks and left clicks down so you could reclaim the high score from your insufferably nerdy buddy. How many blind clicks did you start off every game with? I usually did 3 or 4. After that my hands started shaking. (5)

(1) my favorite CD of the early 90s was Bell Biv Devoe’s Poison. Unsubscribe to my blog now.

(2) I called up the hotline to get on Millionaire but never got all 3 questions right.

(3) My first work-issued laptop was a grey Toshiba that was roughly the size of a shoebox and weighed about 75 pounds.

(4) “Kudos, I’m yours, I’M YOURS! Kudos, I’m Yours.”

(5) Was there anything like that moment when you had to make a 50/50 decision on whether it was a mine or not. You wanted to guess right, but every wasted second was a dagger. INTENSE.

Okay, your turn.

Got any good “remember whens” to share? Take us for a brisk jog down your memory lane.