NFL Picks and Predictions

With the NFL Playoffs starting tomorrow, here’s 3 pigskin-related notes:

1. I’m elated to announce that Team Bryan beat Team Tyler Stanton 1581 to 1574 in our NFL Picks Competition!

An entire 17-week season, over 40 people picking the 256 NFL games, and it came down to 7 points. It got hairy at the end, but I knew we would prevail. The lesson: I am better than Tyler at everything.

Thanks to my team: Curtis, Geof, Ben, Riggs, Shawn, Aunt Melinda, Aaron, Steph and Michael, Keith, Tim, Kely, Joel, Joe, Charles, Lindsay, Brian, Jason, Chris, Ryan, Luke, Brinker, and Knox.

2. I made some NFL predictions before the season.

The Bad: I only picked 6 out of 12 correct playoff teams. #terrible

The Good: I picked the Packers to make it to the Super Bowl by beating the Saints where they’d face the Patriots who beat the Ravens in the AFC. Then I picked the Packers to beat the Patriots. Probable? No way, but at least all 4 of those teams are still alive.

3. Here’s my picks for this weekend.

Saints over the Seahawks, 38-17

Jets over the Colts, 31-21

Chiefs over the Ravens, 24-20

Packers over the Eagles, 35-23

Picking 3 road teams on Wild Card weekend? Why not.

If you’re a football fan, feel free to go on record with your picks for this weekend in the comments.

If you’re not a football fan, feel free to rant against how dumb it is in the comments.