Resolve This!

They say that success breeds success, so let’s all take a moment to recognize one cool thing we did in 2010 that we don’t mind telling people about.

And while we’re at it, might as well share one dream/goal/resolution for 2011 that you’d like to see happen.

I’ll go first:

Cool thing from 2010: I finally got an article printed in a magazine! Two actually. My RELEVANT Mag piece (“Fearless 2011 Predictions’) is in the current issue (JAN/FEB 2011) and actually got teased on the cover (which features a photo of The Cold War Kids, in case you were wondering)! You can read half of the article here. (and if you do go read it, I’d love for you to Retweet it or Facebook Like it. Thanks.)

Oh, and my COLLIDE Mag piece isn’t online yet, but will probably go up on the Echo Hub at some point this year.

Cool Thing For 2011: Like I’ve told you before, I’m doing Dream Year this year. I’m believing that the commitment I am making financially and with my time/effort is going to lead to good things. It’s a leap of faith for me, but I’ve heard that God responds to that sort of thing…so we’ll see.

Your turn.

Brag about something cool from last year that you did or had happen to you.

And let us know what you’d like to accomplish over the next 12 months.