The 15 Most Embarrassing Things to Say to a Stranger

I often wish that life had a rewind button. If it did, I would walk up to complete strangers and say the most ridiculous, most insane things I could imagine just to see how they would react.

Then right when they were about to punch me or have me committed to an asylum, I’d hit rewind so it never happened.

This twisted line of thinking got me wondering what the most embarrassing things you could say to a stranger would be. (Keeping it clean of course, because going sexual to embarrass someone would be way too easy.)

The 15 Most Embarrassing Things To Say to a Stranger

1. “I like fuzzy kittycats, warm eyes, and pretending household appliances have feelings.”

2. “I’ve never seen the inside of my own mouth because it scares me to death.”

3. “I have Regis Philbin’s face tattooed on my belly.”

4. “Are my chiseled arms properly proportioned to my incredibly humble ego, captain strangerpants?”

5. “Do you believe in aliens, because I’m about to hit that bathroom and abduct a giant turd.”

6. “I believe over-sized Blockbuster Video stores that sell DVDs, popcorn, and clown outfits, are poised to make a huge comeback.”

7. “If you tickle me, I will say hee hee and prance around like a rainbow lollipop on a cloud of unicorn wishes.”

8. “Something inside of me tells me we should be together, but lucky for you i never listen to the advice my duodenum gives me because it’s full of crap.”

9. “I’m rubber and you’re glue which means neither of us are human.”

10. “Fart-burps shine on all of us, don’t they?”

11. “Excuse me, would you mind if we touched palms right now so that the heel of my hand touched the heel of your hand and all of our finger pads were touching each other?”

12. “My life’s goal is to convince Nickelback to cover Enrique Iglesias dressed as trendy vampires.”

13. “I name all of my breaths. That last one was called Jeremy Calfman.”

14. “I’m chemically addicted to awkward conversations with strangers and your puzzled glance is making me so high right now.”

15. “I love reading”

That’s the best I have, but I’m sure there’s some real gems out there I missed.

Your turn.

What’s one of the most embarrassing, non-sexual, things you could say to a stranger?