My Top 10 Posts of 2010

I fired up Google Analytics yesterday to run the numbers, and here’s the posts that had the most pageviews in 2010. (As noted, not all of these were written in 2010).

#10The Thing About Getting Dumped (April 2010) – I’m very proud of this post because from Junior High through College I was dumped by just about every girl I ever went out with. All the hurt, all the pain, all the anguish…at least I got a funny post out of it.

#9Life, 10 Years Later (June 2007) – This is the story of how Erica and I met (she almost ran me over with her car at a music festival. Not kidding.) I love this post because it’s such a reminder of God’s grace in my life. I also love it because my friend Donald Miller left a nice comment to the post, and he’s an inspiring figure to me.

#8Top 7 Catalyst Moments (October 2009) – There’s 2 reasons this post gets a lot of traffic. 1) people used to click over to it every day from the Stuff Christians Like sidebar. And 2) because it features a picture of me and Jon Acuff looking like studs at a table with book publishers. (Okay, so maybe there’s just 1 reason.)

#7Should Your Passion Be Your Career (June 2010)- a 90-second video question that struck a nerve with folks. It was one of my most commented-on posts of the year, including great comments from Jason Boyett, Ben Arment, Rachel Held Evans, Matthew Paul Turner, Jon Acuff, Brandon Sneed, Tyler Stanton, Shawn Smucker, Jordan Cooper, and Chad Gibbs. Seriously, go read the comments.

#6Dumb Facebook Fan Pages (December 2009) – A great example of something that I found funny being funny to other people too. I’ve actually turned this idea into a gag I use during speaking engagements that goes over really well.

#5Noah’s Ark According to the Office (August 2009) – What started off as an idea for a book turned into a popular post when the proposal was passed on. (I followed it up with the 4-part Exodus According to the Office, in case you missed it.)

#4The Truth About Bears (June 2010) – The “Truth About” Video that started it all. Still probably my favorite, if only for the delivery of lines like “I would like to have a little child sleeping in my tummy” and “I’m going to look for a park filled with elderly people to maim and consume”. The funniest thing I created all year? I think so.

#3Don’t Mess With 5-Hr Energy (May 2007) – Ahh, the power of Google. I posted this back in 2007 when very few people were reading here. It’s the story of a sleepless night thanks to 5-hr energy and Powerade with taurine. I’m still waiting for the 5-Hr energy folks to contact me about a sponsorship deal.

#2Bush Vs. Obama First Pitch (July 2009) – I almost didn’t post this for fear of potential sabotage by political yappers. But I did and it continues to bring in a lot of traffic months later.

and last but not least…

#1My Final Thoughts on LOST (May 2010) – I spent so much time recapping episodes of this series with my brother Jordan that it felt great to get some props for my final piece of commentary. I had a ton of retweets the Friday I posted it, and it led to my biggest traffic day of all time (2,161 people).

Thanks for another amazing year!

I say it a lot because it’s true. I’m so grateful for everyone who reads the dumb things I write.

See you in 2011!