15 Blog Posts You'll Never See on BryanAllain.com

I like it when my blog is a little unpredictable. Part of the fun is keeping you guys on your toes so you never know what I’m going to post next.

That being said, there’s a few places you can be sure my blog will never go. These are 15 of those places.

1. A Heartfelt Petition to Pass a Ban on Cheese

2. Why Two and a Half Men is the new LOST

3. Dangerous people, their biggest flaws, and why we should make fun of them to their face

4. The Taliban: More Like Jesus than we think?

5. 7,000 Passionate Words on Politics

6. High-Def Pictures of my Small Intestines

7. Top 10 reasons not to give to charities

8. Laughter: Completely Overrated

9. Dinosaur Tail: Pictures of my best toilet contributions of the year

10. Why I Cheer for The New York Yankees

11. Whining: The fruit of the spirit no one is talking about.

12. 101 Ways to Destroy a Family

13. The Taste of Pure Joy: an ode to vinegar

14. Reflections on my last 12 months running an animal orphanage

15. My Readers Are The Worst. I Hate you all. Die.

Okay your turn.

Lots of ways to go with this…so have fun with it.

What’s a blog post title you are SURE will NEVER appear here on my blog?