A Christmas Card for You, my Readers

Work on our family’s 2010 Christmas card is finally completed, and yes, I’ll put the picture online in a couple weeks just in case there’s a game to be played like in past years.

But today…today I have a special surprise for you, dear readers. A Christmas card JUST for you. One that was born, not out of rote, tradition, or a stale sense of duty, but one that was born out of spontaneous inspiration and sheer idiocy.

It all started on Saturday morning when our family was returning home from a local breakfast buffet. I spotted the thing as I drove by and I knew what I had to do. So i pulled into the next driveway and, without saying a word to my puzzled family, left the car to take care of business.

Erica, figuring I was probably about to do something moronic, pulled out her phone to snap this picture.

Tough to see exactly what’s going on in the picture, but she couldn’t have snapped it at a better time.

And as soon as I saw it, I knew I had the perfect Christmas card to give to you all.

Thank you all so much for coming back almost every day to read the things that escape out of my head. My biggest inspiration for doing this is the fact that you all are reading and I want very much to make you laugh, make you think, and inspire you as much as I can. That’s the gift you give me. So here’s your card.

Thanks again, and Merry Christmas!