Second Chance Wednesday

Ever written a blog post that got a little bit of love, but maybe not as much as you had hoped? (If you have a blog, the answer is most certainly “YES!”)

I thought it would be fun today for all you to leave a comment with one of your favorite posts from 2010 that you’d like people to take a second (or first) look at.

If you’re NOT a blogger but you want to play along, you can leave a comment with a post from someone else’s blog in 2010 that you loved.

If you ARE a blogger, leave a link to one (and only one) of your favorite posts from 2010 for us to check out.

Once you’ve posted yours, take a look through the other comments and click through a few of the links to read what other people have left. Maybe even leave a comment on their site as well to encourage them. I think this will be a cool way for us to discover some new writers and get to know each other a little better.

Oh, and here’s my 2nd chance post from back in February (i had fun with this one):

Okay, your turn.

What’s one blog post from 2010 you’d like folks to take another look at?