Ep 12 Bryan Allain

(NOTE: episodes of The FreshPod are no longer available.)

Today’s guest on the FreshPod is Bryan Allain.

Does it feel a little silly to be the guest on my own podcast? Yes. Yes, it does.

But my buddy Geof proposed the idea a couple weeks ago and it seemed like a fun one at the time, so we went ahead and recorded it.

Most of you know about the stuff I’m working on now, but a lot of you might not realize how I got here. On this podcast I tell Geof why I went into engineering, when I realized I’d rather be a writer, and how my love for Caedmon’s Call started the whole process.

(as always, if you’re reading this in a Feed Reader, you won’t see the audio player. Click here to come to the FreshPod site to hear me talk about two very embarrassing experiences that involve making out in the woods and softball doubleheaders. And when you’re done listening, check out past episodes of The Freshpod.)