The Top 7 Posts For November 2010

Thought it would be interesting to look at what posts grabbed the most eyes last month.

Lets me know what you guys like, and lets you know if you’ve missed something.

The Top 7 Posts from November 2010

1. Bush Vs. Obama First Pitch (from July 2009)

2. The 15 Worst Opening Lines From Your Guest Speaker

3. The FreshPod Episode Ten with Derek Webb

4. Caption This Idiot

5. Angry Letters

6. The 15 Worst Things to Discover in Your Toilet

7. David Vs. Goliath, A Modern Retelling

Other Blog Stats

Total Page Views: 19,118 (last month 25,056 – down 24%)

Unique Visitors: 6,418 (Last month: 7,403 – down 13%)

Average # of RSS Subscribers: 1,001 (Last month: 949 – up 5%)

Thanks for a great month at the blog everyone! Thanks so much for reading!