Ep 11 Ben Arment

(NOTE: episodes of The FreshPod are no longer available.)

Excited to have Ben Arment stopping by the FreshPod this week to talk about his Dream Year program.

In this episode Ben and I talk about the value of having specific goals vs. broad ideas, the concept of investing in yourself, the faith that’s required to take some risks when pursuing your dreams, and why neither of us will ever have a mangy beard.

We also spend some time talking specifically about my dreams, because that’s the kind of thing Ben does. He takes an interview about himself and turns it into an opportunity to encourage and inspire the idiot host.

Ben has helped Catalyst launch the Catalyst West conference, created the WhiteBoard and Story conferences, planted a church, and authored a book on church planting. These days he spends his time helping other folks launch great things through the Dream Year program. Oh, and he’s working on a screenplay because…well, why not?

For more information, check out Dream Year, The Story Conference, Ben’s Blog, and Ben’s book Church in the Making. (affiliate link)

(and if you’re reading this in a Feed Reader, you won’t see the audio player. Click here to come to the FreshPod site to see hear Ben talk about why the Dream Year process or the DreamYear Weekend in Nashville might be right for you.¬†and when you’re done listening, check out past episodes of The Freshpod.)