Story at Eleven: What I'm Up To

Here’s 7 bits of information regarding this blog, the FreshPod, and some other things I have going on.

Also, at the end I’m asking for questions for a future FreshPod guest you might be familiar with, so be sure to help with that.

Story at Eleven (7 Things You Don’t Want to Miss)

1. I’m going to be experimenting soon with posting more than once a day here at Doing more posts will mean that some will be shorter than my typical fare, but keep in mind I’ll be trying some new things out which may or may not stick. And may or may not suck. Consider yourself warned.

2. You guys KILLED IT with your Angry Letter responses yesteryday. That was awesome and confirmation that I need to keep that in the rotation. Tyler and I have been talking about that idea for almost a year now, so look for similar posts on my blog AND his blog from time to time.

3. Next week’s FreshPod episode will go live on Tuesday or Wednesday. So excited for this guy to drop 30 minutes of wisdom and insight on creativity, productivity, and risk taking on your faces. Curious as to who it is? Go to the FreshPod Facebook page to check it. And while you’re there, click that stupid LIKE button and make me feel special.

4. I’ll be revamping my speaking page soon to get some new information and quotes up there. Over the past 2 years I’ve spoken about 10 times in 5 different states, and in 2011 I’m looking to do a little more. I feel like I’m starting to hit my stride a little with the speaking, and I’d love to talk more with you about inspiring your youth group, men’s group, or church in 2011. More info coming.

5. In case you missed it, all the Truth About videos are on YouTube now. If you ever need a new post for your blog and you’ve got nothing, feel free to post your favorite (with credit, if you don’tmind). You can find all of them here on the Truth About page.

6. Big Announcement coming soon on the blog about a new venture I’m jumping in to. Been putting a lot of time into it this past month. I think we’re about 10 days from that drop. And I think it’s gonna be a game changer for some people.

7. My friend Geof offered to interview me if I was willing to be a guest on my own podcast. Sounded like a fun idea to me, so we’re going to record the interview in the next couple weeks. If you’ve got a question you want him to ask me about, mark it as such in the comments to this post.

Comments, concerns, questions? Leave em here.

Questions for Geof to ask me on the FreshPod? Leave em here too.