Childhood Disasters: The Wet Spot

You can file this Childhood Disaster in the “Things that seemed brilliant and believable at the time” folder right between Pro Wrestling Being Real and Max Headroom.

An actual conversation I had as an 11-year old with my friend Dave the morning after a sleepover at his house…

Dave: Dude, why is there a wet spot on the floor where your sleeping bag was last night?

Me: Umm…

Dave: Wait, did you wet the bed?

Me: Actually, you’re not gonna believe this, but it was crazy. I was wicked thirsty in the middle of the night so I got up to get a drink of water. I brought the water back into the room and right when I was about to drink it you said “We need to go steal the power plant” in that funny voice Bugs Bunny does when he’s smoking a cigar and I just lost it because I knew you were dreaming and it was so funny and I spilled water all over my sleeping bag.

Dave: I really said that?

Me: Yeah, it was so funny.

Dave: I don’t even know what Bugs Bunny voice you’re talking about.

Me: Ya know, (speaking out of the corner of my mouth) “we gotta steal the power plant, you see…”

Dave: Huh, I’ve never seen that.

Me: It’s a good episode.

Dave: Man, it really looks like you wet the bed.

Me: Yeah, it kinda does.