The 15 Worst Things To Discover in Your Toilet

Ever open up the toilet and discover someone else’s finished business? Pretty bad, huh?

Well, not as bad as finding this stuff.

1. Your wallet – But hey, at least you found it.

2. A shrunken Al Roker – It’s great that you’ve lost so much weight Al, but this is too far.

3. Africanized killer bees – whatever happened to those things, anyway?

4. A Chilean Miner – C’mon buddy. 59 days in a mine and now you get stuck in my toilet? (Too soon?)

5. A Little Debbie oatmeal creme pie – such a tragic waste of greatness. And truth be told, I might still eat it.

6. A power outlet – Actually, that would probably make for the coolest toilet ever. Scratch that off the list.

7. A Facebook LIKE button – Now they ARE officially everywhere.

8. A computer looping Rick Astley videos – RickRolled again? Oh well, at least you’ve got a target to pee on.

9. The Smoke Monster – I guess it finally got off the island.

10. Derek Jeter’s ability to hit in away games – Oh, that’s where that got to! (sorry, couldn’t help myself.)

11. A Double Rainbow – WHAT DOES THIS MEAN???

12. A secret passage that leads to the netherworld – Like C.S. Lewis’ wardrobe to Narnia, only poopier.

13. The Double Rainbow Guy – NO SERIOUSLY…WHAT DOES THIS MEAN!!!!

14. I Whip My Hair Back and Forth – It’s stuck in your toilet, and now it’s stuck in your head.

15. Another toilet – Toilets embedded inside of toilets? It’s like Inception for my bowels.

Your turn.

Plenty of directions to go with this one.

What’s the worst thing to discover in your toilet?