Ep 10 Derek Webb

(NOTE: episodes of The FreshPod are no longer available.)

So excited to have musician Derek Webb joining me on the FreshPod this week to give his first interview about his new record.

In this episode Derek and I talk about the inspiration for and the creation of FEEDBACK, his instrumental/electronic take on The Lord’s Prayer. We also talk about connecting with fans, getting 3 stars on Angry Birds, creative ambition vs. commercial ambition, celebrity sightings, wearing white t-shirts, and making art that’s a unique reflection of who you are.

Derek was a part of the platinum selling pop/folk group Caedmon’s Call for 10 years before embarking on a solo career in 2003. Since then he’s put out a half-dozen well-received solo albums and has rejoined Caedmon’s on their last two recordings.

For more info on FEEDBACK, including purchasing options, click here.

UPDATE: FEEDBACK now available at Amazon.com

(and if you’re reading this in a Feed Reader, you won’t see the audio player. Click here to come to the FreshPod site to see which member of Caedmon’s Call Webb thinks would give him the toughest fight. Total Running Time: 55:35)