A FreshPod Update

I had a feeling there would a lot of kinks starting a new podcast…and boy was I right.

BUT, the good news is that most of them are worked out.

10 New Things You Need to Know about The FreshPod

1. I’ve officially changed the name to The FreshPod (formerly called The Fresh Squeezed Podcast).

2. The logo has been updated too.

3. The FreshPod has a Facebook Fan Page.

4. Episode #2 will go up on Tuesday morning, and will feature one of my friends who also happens to be an author, blogger, and a fine judge of show dogs. (obviously that last part is a joke, I would never befriend a show dog expert).

5. The FreshPod is now available in iTunes!!! And yes, unlike the first edition I put into iTunes, this one IS iPhone compatible, so you can stream it right from your iPhone.

6. Right now there are two versions of the podcast in iTunes. I’ve asked iTunes to remove the old one with the old logo but it hasn’t happened yet. Be sure to Subscribe to the Podcast with “The FreshPod” in the logo. (not the one that has the “Fresh Squeezed Podcast” in the logo)

7. Episode #3 is already in the can and features an interview with one of the funniest authors I know. It goes a bit long, but it’s a hoot. (Even though I say things like “it’s a hoot”, you can trust me, it’s a good one.)

8. I’m aware that my p’s were popping way too loudly in Episode 1. I’ve since bought a pop screen to remedy that in future recordings. Thanks Chad, for the feedback.

9. Recording the interview for Episode #4 tomorrow. He’ll be the first musical artist to appear on The FreshPod, and he’s someone I’ve followed pretty closely for over 10 years.

10. Over 250 of you have downloaded the first episode featuring Shawn Smucker. If you missed it, here’s the link to episode 1.

Lots of great stuff coming with The FreshPod.

Tell me, who’s someone creative that you’d like to see me interview?