Intercourse Heritage Days 2010

Can’t believe I let 2 months tick off the calendar before sharing my pictures from Intercourse Heritage Days.

If you’re new to these parts, I live in Intercourse, PA and every June there’s a huge celebration at the park near our house filled with lots of food and lots of Amish folk. It’s called Intercourse Heritage Days, and it’s a hoot.

Here’s some visuals from this year’s event.

There were no bounce houses growing up on the farm, just piles of hay.

It made Anna Mae wonder how different her youth could have been.

It also made her wonder what a “Code Administrator” was.

Ezekiel stood in the shade of the restroom building doing his best James Dean.

He looked calm on the outside, but inside he was frantically plotting his next move.

He had to be cool…he knew they were watching.

…and they were watching him alright.

They knew only one of them would be lucky enough to steal a glance and a smile from him.

(to find out more, pick up my next Amish novel “Two girls, One Ezekiel”)

Take a look at the fresh bowl cut on Jedediah.

It’s a fine line between a close shave and thick, voluminous hair.

Eventually this style is going to come back to the mainstream,

and when it does I hope I’m in heaven.

My daughter Kylie entered the grade school spelling bee and came in 3rd place out of 12.

She eventually lost to Kevin Garnett.

I entered the adult spelling bee and was eliminated on my first word

Who knew diphtheria had 2 h’s?

Not me.

It’s well known that the Amish love their sweets.

It’s not well known that they love them so much,

they bow down and worship the Turkey Hill cow like the Israelites and the golden calf.

“Yes Amos, you may have a balloon sword, but it has to be black.

Colorful balloons are of the devil.”

You gotta look real close.

But can you see the one person who doesn’t belong in this picture?

This is gonna turn into a fifth wheel situation eventually.

…or no one will get the courage to talk and they’ll all go home bitter and alone.

and of course, no Amish gathering would be complete without volleyball.

Even if it is under the lights, lit by electricity from the soul of the devil himself.

That’s all from Heritage Days 2010.

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