My Pick Em Team and Parker's Batting Vid

I’ve got 3 things for you today.

1. The list of folks who made my NFL Pick Em Team.

2.  A reminder about things that are fresh and squeezed.

3. A video of my son doing MLB batting impersonations.

First off, Tyler and I have decided to expand our NFL Pick Em teams to accommodate everyone who wanted in the league. In the end, we’re going to see who picked more games correctly, my top 10 finishers against his top 10 finishers.

If you’re on this list, you made the team. You’ll be getting an email from me soon with an invitation to join the league. (still might need one or two more, so email me if you want in)

    1. Kely Breez
    2. Curtis Honeycutt
    3. Joel Purser
    4. Joseph Robinson
    5. Chuck Meeks
    6. Geof Morris
    7. Ben Wiggins
    8. Riggs
    9. Lindsay S.
    10. Brian H.
    11. Jason Homes
    12. Shawn Smucker
    13. Aunt Melinda
    14. Chris A.
    15. Brett Darooda
    16. Aaron L.
    17. Keith C.
    18. Steph K.
    19. Tim M.

Second off, don’t sleep on The Fresh Squeezed Podcast. I’m putting together the first few episodes now. I think I’m going to debut episode 1 on September 13th here at the blog. To keep tabs on the latest, you can follow The Fresh Squeezed Podcast on Twitter here: @TheFreshPod.

Third off, my son Parker loves baseball and enjoys trying to copy major league batting stances. When I showed him some of Gar Ryness’ videos (The Batting Stance Guy), he said “Can I do a video, dad?”

That was 3 months ago, and he’s been bugging me to do it roughly 17 times a week since then. So I finally got the camera out and let him show off some of his batting stance impersonations. If some of these are unrecognizable to you, keep in mind he’s only 7. But yeah, he loves doing this so I love showing him off.

I’ve got no questions for you, so feel free to make fun of Tyler in the comments, since he encouraged his readers to do the same.