The Sports/Faith PhotoChops

Prayers for Blowouts was a blog focusing on the frequent collisions of sports and faith that I created and wrote for during much of 2007 and 2008.

I started that blog to support the book I was writing by the same name, but I’ve since dropped both endeavors to focus more on writing humor pieces here at my personal blog, because it’s what I love to do the mostest.

I had to laugh this morning when I came across a few pictures I had doctored for PFB a few years ago. They were for a feature I ran called “PhotoChop” where I combined the pictures of a famous sports person with a famous Christian person.

The result was some FRIGHTENING looking people.

Before you check the comments for the answers, see if you can guess which two people make up each of these Photochops.

PhotoChop #1

PhotoChop #2

PhotoChop #3

PhotoChop #4

PhotoChop #5

Think you’ve got any of the five figured out?

Leave your best guesses in the comments.

(Then say a prayer of thanks that these people aren’t real.)