A Little More About You (and church)

I hope to post more faith-related stuff (like Monday’s Mel Gibson post) going forward, and it got me wondering where you all are coming from.

So today’s “More About You” is about the if and where for you and church.

If you’re someone who DOES NOT regularly attend a church, here’s what I”d like to know…

1. How long has it been since you were a regular attender (if at all)?

2. What church was it that you used to attend (if at all)?

If you’re someone who DOES regularly attend a church, let us know…

1. What church you go to (you can throw a denomination in there if it’s not obvious).

2. Ballpark estimate on how small/big it is. (75 people? 300? 800? 5000?)

I know I don’t have to remind y’all to keep things civil and respectful, so yeah…

let us know if and where you go…and thanks for sharing.

I’ll go first second.