The Truth About Einstein

Albert Einstein.

Genius? Sure.

Eccentric? Probably.

Starring in my latest Truth About video? Absolutely.

On the moon when we landed there 41 years ago today? Why not?

The Truth About Einstein – an original film by me

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  • Paul Ryden

    Awesome! So who else remembers that it was on this day 41 years ago that we landed on the moon? I watched it on TV. Oh no. That makes me almost as old as Albert Freaking Einstein.

  • Tim M

    This is fabulous! I love the branding conference part… wait, you’ve been to one, haven’t you?

  • Kim

    “Crazy hair is how I roll”

    buahaha! This one is fabulous. Was cracking up at the kissing cousins part.

  • meowee


    • Bryan Allain

      thank you meowee. your bravos mean the world to me.

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  • Kim S.

    I loved how the only comeback Einstein could do was E=MC2. That was hilarious!

  • Peter P


    I have personally not been to the moon and not seen Albert Einstein there and when I didn’t go and didn’t see him, he told me it happened a little differently than that…

  • Mike B

    This is my favorite of the three Truth About videos so far!

  • Mike B

    And I woke up and realized that by three I mean four because I forgot about the ninja video. That’s probably just what they wanted…

  • Britt

    Full of Funny!