2010 Traffic Trends

Every once in a while I like to geek out and figure out who you all are and where you’re coming from.

Using Google Analytics, I can figure anything out, even your Social Security numbers.


U.S. States with the smallest representation?

(Summer 09:  Wyoming and South Dakota / Fall 09: Wyoming and Vermont.)

2010 (1st half): Wyoming and Montana. People in Wyoming obviously HATE my blog. They refuse to get off this list. Little do they know I have a potential speaking gig lined up for later this year not too far from their capital. If it works out, Wyoming is MINE.

Most surprising high-ranking U.S. state?

(Summer 09:  Georgia at #3 /Fall 09: North Carolina at #3)

2010 (1st half): Florida at #5! Great job Sunshine State. Either my blog is getting hot with the beach crowd or it’s catching fire in the over-60 communities. Either way I’m stoked.

Most surprising low-ranking U.S. state?

(Summer 09:  Delaware at #40 / Fall 09: Connecticut at #36)

2010 (1st half): West Virginia at #39. C’mon y’all. Our states share a border, for the love of the backwoods. Step it up, Mountaineers!

My most engaged American readers?

(Summer 09:  Maryland – 8:25 per visit / Fall 09: Alaska – 3:57 per visit)

2010 (1st half):Alaska at 10:19 per visit. Alaska retains their title as my blog’s slowest and most bored readers. Let’s face it, Sarah Palin LOVES my blog.

and in 2nd place…Vermont at 4:30 per visit! I can’t tell you how happy this makes me. Back in the Fall Vermont readers were last on this list. I threw a few jokes about hemp and maple syrup on there and suddenly they’ve vaulted to the second spot. Long live tie dye and recreational drug usage!

My least engaged American readers?

(Summer 09:  Hawaii – 2 sec per visit / Fall 09: Vermont – 0 secs per visit)

2010 (1st half): Montana at 20 seconds per visit. This is unacceptable. Your livestock can wait, ranchers. Read all about them Amish people, the steer ain’t going nowhere.

Here’s the complete U.S. State rankings based on total number of visits to my site.

And here’s the Top 51 Countries rankings based on total number of visits to my site.

My favorite stat:

I had more visits from every country on this list than I did from Wyoming.

Even the United Arab Emirates citizens read my blog more than people from Wyoming.


Find your state/Country and explain the ranking to me…

…and maybe even tell me what I can do to help you jump in the rankings.